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University of East London      [1st class FINE ART & ILLUSTRATION BA(HONS) DEGREE]

City & Guilds of London Art school           [merit ART & DESIGN FOUNDATION DIPLOMA]



Finalist & 'Peoples Winner' of the HIX Art Award 2013



Art Society Soho

Centrepieces Art Society


13th-17th April: 'Dreams & Nightmares' @ Boomer Gallery, Tower Bridge, London
7th-10th March: 'More Cake?' @ Shipton St Gallery, London
June 11th-30th Aug: Solo show 'The Fetish Frames' @ Harness & Mane, London

19th-26th August: 'Resurrection, Selective Vision' @ Crypt Gallery, London
August onwards: Work featured and listed on online gallery/shop
18th Feb-29th April: 'Winter Sculpture Park 2023' @ Gallery No.32, Bexley

10th-12th March: Women of the World festival @ The Southbank Centre, London

12th Oct-1st Nov: 'Monsters Within' @ Broadway Gallery, Nottingham
July onwards: Sculptures in 'Issue 27: The Tiny Issue' of Haus-a-Rest blog & zine

8th-19th June: 'Significant Other' @ Art Bypass Gallery, Sweet'art, Hoxton
June onwards: Work displayed/sold on & Cultivate Studio
10th Feb-31st May: 'Exotic Blend 16' @ Lighthouse Bar & Club, Shoreditch
27th-30th April: 'Trauma & Healing' @ Espacio Gallery, Bethnal Green
Oct 2021 onwards: 'Fleur-de-Sex' collaboration with designer Virna Pasquinelli 

5th Oct- 5th Dec: 'Love is Not an Ideology' exhibit & auction @
17th July-17th Nov: 'Creation in Isolation' @

9th October: 'APS Art Tastes' @ Woodhouse Community Centre, Leeds

7th-12th October: 'Art 4 Mental Health' @ Electrowerkz, London
26th-31st August: 'FUBAR- Absurd' @ Crypt Gallery, Euston, London

17-25th July: 'The Absurdity of Times' @ Parnu, Estonia
5th May onwards: 'Postcard Project' @
4th March onwards: 'Wobble Zone' @ The Royal Free Hospital ICU, London

14th September - 31st October: 'Art Hunt' with Sweet'art round East London streets

13th June - 13th Aug: 'Art Against Coronavirus II' @

2nd-15th July: 'Answers on the back of an envelope' @ Lockdown Gallery, Essex

3rd-9th July: 'Contemporary Mood' @ Boomer Gallery, Hackney, London

21st-27th May: 'Copy That' @ Lockdown Gallery, Essex + online

14th May - 7th June: 'The Great Leveller' @ Sweet 'Art via ArtSteps virtual platform

9th-15th April: 'Johnny Shows His Privates' @ Lockdown Gallery, Essex + online

12th-22nd March: 'Insert (title here)' @ Shipton Street Gallery, Hoxton
27th Feb-8th March: 'Nothing is Square Pt2' @ Shipton Street Gallery, Hoxton
9th-17th Jan: 'Punk 4 Mental Health' @ Vout-O-Reenee's Stash Gallery, London


8th-17th November: 'Nothing is Square' @ Shipton Street Gallery, Hackney

23rd-27th August: 'FUBAR' @ The Crypt Gallery, St Pancras Church, London

27th June- 27th August: 'Arts Cafe Re-launch' @ Thameside Studios, Woolwich

21st June-5th July: 'Have a Hart' @ Vout-O-Rennee's Stash Gallery, London
7th-12th March: 'Love Stories' @ Art.Number23, London

16th-25th November: 'Modern Panic IX' @ Archive Gallery, London

1st-16th November: 'Beautiful & Damned' @ Vout-O-Rennee's Stash Gallery, London

1st-14th Nov: 'Present Perfect Continuous' @ Zverev Contemporary, Moscow Russia

25th-30th Oct: 'PervArt' (co-curating & exhibiting) @ Art.Number23 Gallery, London

12th-14th Oct: '...But I'm the one who wants it worse' @ Shipton St Gallery, London

28th Sept - 7th Oct: 'I saw it first, I want it worse' @ Shipton Street Gallery, London

20th-23rd September: 'Intention' @ Shipton Street Gallery, London

27th Aug-2nd Sept: 'Nostalgia' @ Municipal Art Gallery of Piraeus, Athens, Greece

22nd-29th June: 'Neoprotofeminist' @ Black & White Building, Shoreditch

23rd-27th June: 'Mapping the Human Brain' @ Art.Number23, Old Biscuit Factory

May 16th-31st: 'Unspoken' @ Stash Gallery, Vout-O-Reenes Members Club, E1

May 4th-16th: 'Spring Print' exhibition @ Delphian Gallery, Kingsland Rd, London

February 24th-28th: 'Incognito' @ Art23, The Old Biscuit Factory, London

February 21st 2018: #Art4Grenfell Auction @ Royal Bank of Scotland HQ, London
January 19th-21st 2018: 'Intent (part2)' @ BSMT Space Gallery, Dalston, London
January 16th 2018: 'Intent (part1)' @

December 19th-23rd: 'Naughty & Nice' @ Espacio Gallery, Bethnal Green
December 12th-20th: 286 Christmas show @ Gallery 286, Earls Court
October 12th-22nd: 'Modern Panic VIII' @ Apiary Studios, London
June 15th-18th: 'Interact' @ Coate Studios, Hackney Road, London
May 12th-14th: 'Antennae' @ Lubomirov/Angus-Hughes Gallery, Hackney
April 24th - May 7th: 'Something Black' @ &
February 1st-19th: 'Traditions' @ Mile End Art Pavillion, London
February 9th-12th: 'Fraglie' @ BSMT Space Gallery, Dalston, London
January 9th-13th: 'Alienation' @ Cultural Center Of Moschato, Greece
January 2nd-6th: 'Alienation' @ Room7 Gallery, Athens, Greece
November 2016 - September 2018: Solo Exhibition @ St Barts Pathology Museum
Nov 24th - Dec 4th: 'Alientation' @ A3 Gallery, Moscow, Russia
November 17th-19th: Centrepieces Auction @ Meeting Place, Dartford, Kent
November 3rd-16th: 'Revolution' @ Black & White Building, Shoreditch, London
October 27th-30th: 'Alienation' @ 5th Base Gallery, Brick Lane, London
Sept 23rd-25th: 'Debased' @ the BSMT space, Dalston, London
Aug 13th-Sept 11th: 'Centrepieces Summer Open' @ Stables Gallery, Kent
August 16th-21st: 'Alienation' @ Ground Floor Gallery, Brooklyn, NYC, USA
July 19th-23rd: 'EH Summer show' @ Menier Gallery, London Southwark
July: 'Free art Friday' x 'Creative Debuts'
July 16th-18th: 'Alienation' @ James Oliver Gallery, Philadelphia, USA
June 2nd-30th: 'B+W' @ Black & White Building, Shoreditch, London
June 27th: Solo show alongside 'Art Arcana' premiere @ The Dead Dolls House
June 12th: 'Art Car Boot Fair London' with Art Society Soho
May 5th-28th: 'HM90' @ Black & White Building, Shoreditch, London
May 14th-18th: 'Perceptions of the Figurative' @ 5th Base Gallery, Bricklane, London
26th March: 'Mind' fundraising art fair, Bexleyheath, Kent
16th March: 'Trumped' exhibition & auction @ Cock'n'Bull Gallery, HIX Tramshed
7th-12th March: '#Stopjectify' @ Gallery Different, Tottenham Court Rd, London
30th August: 'Art Car Boot Fair Margate' with Art Society Soho
6-7th June: 'Play' @ London Fields Warehouse
14th June:  'Art Car Boot Fair London' with Art Society Soho
28-30th April: 'Fools Gold' exhibition & auction @ The Cock'n'Bull gallery, HIX, London
4th-10th September: 'We Are Three' @ Cultivate Gallery, Vyner St, London
29th May - 1st June: 'Final Degree Show' @ AVA Gallery, UEL, London
11th April: 'Time' exhibition & auction @ The Cock'n'Bull Gallery, HIX Tramshed
2nd - 4th April: 'Human Being' @ AVA Gallery, UEL, London
24th Nov - 8th Dec: Solo Show @ Electric Kitsch, Hackney Downs, London
7th - 9th Nov: 'Fragmented' @ Vibe Gallery, Bermonsey, London
Oct 31st - Nov 5th: 'Total Darkness' @ Electric Kitsch, Hackney Downs, London
24th - 29th October: 'TEN' @ Cultivate Gallery, Vyner Street, London
1st August - 31st August: 'HIX Award Finalists' show @ Cock'n'Bull Gallery, London
6th - 10th June: 'Fine Art 13' @ UEL AVA gallery, London
29th April - 25th May: Solo show @ 'High Tide' gallery, Hastings

6th May 2013: Group exhibition @ 5th Base, Brick Lane, London
25th - 26th April: 'Horse Meat' show & auction @ The Cock'n'Bull Gallery, HIX, London
10th - 21st April: Headlined 'New World' show @ The Brick Lane Gallery, London
28th March - 9th April: 'Red Revised' @ The Cultivate Gallery, Vyner St, London
4th April: '3rd Anniversary' exhibition @ The Vyner Studio, London
4th - 6th March: 'Doctor Doctor' @  SPUR.1 Gallery, Reading
March: Opening show @ 'High Tide' gallery, Hastings
15th - 17th Feb: 'International Free Art London' @ The Cultivate Gallery, London
31st Jan - 12th Feb: 'Back in Black' @ The Cultivate Gallery, London
3rd-7th December: 'From cradle to the grave' @ Gordon Museum of Pathology, London
19th-23rd Nov: 'Stepping Stones' @ UEL AVA gallery, London
25th-29th May: 'Fine Art 12' @ UEL AVA gallery, London
16th-22nd April: 'Art12' @ The Legenda Group, Malaysia
March: 'Film Stills' auction @ Ground Floor Left gallery, London
March: 'Illustration12' @ UEL AVA gallery, London
March: 'Discordia' @ Trinity Buoy Wharf gallery, London
December: 'Alfalpha' @ UEL AVA gallery, London
June: Foundation show @ City & Guilds of London Art School


Image by Anthony Lycett


13th-23rd June: 'Stance' @ Sweet Art Bypass Gallery, Dalston, London
9th-11th August: 'Cultivate' @ Free The Gallery, Crystal Palace, London
Nov 2024: Group kink/fetish exhibition @ Espacio Gallery, London
Late 2024: Photographs on cover & 14 pages of Interstitial Biology book

Oct 2021: Article about design collab with Virna Pasquinelli on Torture Garden blog

24th November - December 31st 2021: 'Why?' @ Cultivate Gallery, online

Oct 5th - December 31st 2021: 'Lockdown' @ Fronteer Gallery, online

30th Sept- December 31st 2021: 'Coronapocalypse' @ FUBAR, Magazine + online

6th June - 6th July 2020: 'The World Works' @ No.Walls Gallery (instagram)

29th May 2020: 'Art of Caring' @

14th May 2020 onwards: '(Far from the) Turmoil' @
Dec 2020: Two pieces published in 'Lights, Camera, Action' book by Art Society Soho

September 2020: Three pieces published in 'Coronapocalypse' book by FUBAR

1st May - July 2020: 'In Isolation Together: New ISO' @
2nd April 2020 onwards: '#43 Artists' @
August 2018: Article in popular death culture blog 'Death and the Maiden'
September 2017: Article about photography in german E.mag 'Schemenkabinett'
Aug 2017: Article about photography on swiss youth channel '20 Minuten Tilllate'
July 2017: Solo show advertised in 'Time Out London' magazine
July 2017: Full page article on sculptures published on
July 2017: Full page article on photography published on
October 2016: Piece published in 'The Istanbul Design Biennial' book
October 2016: Photo of art/self & interview published in 'Humans of London' book
March 2016: Feature about self & art on 'Humans of London' blog
November 2015: 8 page article/interview in 'Revista Metal' international magazine
March 2015: Full page interview/article published in 'Longevity Letter'
January 2015: Two page article published in 'Gonzoo' magazine, Spain
October 2014: Full page article published in The 'Ernest Journal' magazine
March 2014: Self & art photographed for Anthony Pujol's photodocumentary
January 2014: Article in 'Trip' magazine
December 2013: Article on 'Black Dmnds'
November 2013: Article on 'Stuck with pins'
October 2013: Photo & write up in 'HIX' magazine distributed @ Frieze Art Fair
September 2013: Article on 'Liturgie Apocryphe'
April 2013: Mention in 'El Iberico' newspaper
February 2013: Mention in Spark* newspaper
February 2013: Double spread art & interview published in 'XXY' Magazine
August 2012: Article about self & art published in 'Erbs Blerb' magazine


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