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My work delves into the curious, fascinatingly odd and morbidly beautiful. I aim to intrigue the viewer and pull them in to my world with strange and morbid objects to manipulate their emotions on the subject of mortality -
life, death & resurrection.

I wish to challenge the inevitability of our disappearance after death by preventing decay and rescuing ‘junk’. I give a second life, an artistic resurrection, to deceased animals and second hand objects in the hope that in return this second chance I give them will help me live on through these creations when I am gone.

My creations are about helping to overcome the fear of nothingness by accepting death as a thing of beauty and using preservation and upcycling to show myself that if I can stop decay and disappearance then I can have some sort of control over my own demise. The idea of mortality means a lot to me and has always fascinated me due to my death during birth, and my fear of when it will take me next. There were complications during my birth which resulted in me being born deceased and after resuscitation left with Erbs Palsy, the partial paralysis and stunted growth of my right arm, so I have always had a fascination with the morbid and abnormal.

No animals are ever harmed for my art. I collect naturally deceased animals and accidental roadkill that I come across. I gather my ceramic materials from charity shops, house-clearance stores, dumps, boot-sales, skips and antiques markets. I then take these thrown away materials and use deconstruction, reconstruction, re-painting and assemblage combined with taxidermy/mummification to turn discarded objects in to curious new art objects for people to admire. The main items I save and resurrect are porcelain figures and dolls, these people-like objects help me tell autobiographic tales through the work.

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